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Music track cover Project for Hira Hosen and DJ TruIdentity - 2020

This project was a profoundly inspiring one. A collaborative project with my friend Hira, a woman whom i greatly respect and admire, as she has been doing wonderful work globally, facilitating the return of our innate wisdom, Heart wisdom, and the sacred yet  universally fundamental knowledge and experience of the Tiny Infinite Space within all of our Hearts, that contains all information and memories in existence, past, present and future.


See Hira's Dynamic work here:

I feel a deep gratitude and joy for/about this project. In collaboration with Hira and Leo Melcherts -aka- 'DJ Tru Identity', I created this digital artwork for the cover of Hira's Light Language transmission from the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, put to Leo's wonderful organ music, it is truly a harmonic marriage of channeled Light Language, Music, and Art as One.

See /download the track here :

Above are previous workings/roughs/versions on the journey to our final image

noun_Star Tetrahedron_407533.png

Other digital Artwork Mixed media

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